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Happy Little Camper

A few weeks ago Living Social had a deal for a "Paint and Pour" class. Wine and awesome combination right? I was invited by one of my friends/coworkers. It took us a long while to pick a night because of varying schedules but we finally went tonight. I must say, I didn't know what to expect...I thought we would get a canvas that already had an outline of something for us to paint...but nope. The canvas was blank! We had wine, chocolate, cake and cookies...and one person even managed to dip her paintbrush in her wine...but I won't say Amber's name!! I think this would be great for a date night! We were all given the same instructions, but every one's painting was different. Our pre-determined painting was of a Palmetto Tree and our State Capital Building (South Carolina).  It Some people opted not to paint the building but I went for it and I am happy with the results! You should try it! Palmetto Paint and Pour 101 Ministry Drive Irmo, SC 290

Love Is The Best Ingredient

Happy Monday folks!  I don't know how I managed to start this week off tired, but man! Wait yes I do know how it happened...I had a fantastic weekend! Cirque du Soleil was in town on their Michael Jackson Immortal tour. FABULOUS-NESS!!! It was my first Cirque show and I was very favorite scene was the contortionist on the pole...go figure LOL. It was full of color and SPARKLES!!! I think they really did a terrific job of capturing MJ and his essence. I left feeling like I need to go buy something shiny and take dance lessons! We bought tickets on Leap Day and got them discounted and when we arrived at the Colonial Center we were informed that the nosebleed section was closed and they gave us closer seats (awesome). I was brought close to tears and I don't think I realized how many Michael Jackson songs I actually knew the words to. Awesome night. We weren't supposed to take pictures so I didn't...I didn't want to get kicked out :) So, after t

It Was All Good!

I remember a time when I used to live for the weekend. Now I hardly ever have anything planned. This past weekend was an exception. I had various activities planned with friends and my church family so I knew it would be a busy weekend. Everything didn't go as I expected, but I figure...God has a plan and everything works out as it should. Overall, the weekend was awesome! Friday, I got off work and was close to starving. My friend and I decided to try this restaurant that I ran across in a local newspaper. Mudbone's Swamp Shack . When we pulled up, my friend said "This is it?" It is a very small establishment with only about 10 tables. We got there right as a catering order was being filled and had to wait a while before we actually got our food. But let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Usually we have to drive down to Charleston to get such awesome seafood. I am glad we found this place. And it's practically in my backyard. The owner, Lisa (I think it was L

Take It IN--Not Out

I was talking with one of my dear friends about the ups and downs of love, marriage, kids and single-womanhood.  I realized that while I am anxiously awaiting my knight in shining armor, being single certainly has its advantages. For me, I like to experiment with different foods and flavors…I realize that some people (and kids) are very picky about eating things they are unfamiliar with. Me, I will try almost anything once. So knight (whomever you may be), please be open to try new things. :) I had to work yesterday and since I had been eating out so much I made a point to get up and pack my lunch. Well, it was a good effort. But I left my lunch bag on the counter. So I ended up buying lunch anyway. Now that I think about it…I don’t think I emptied the bag…gross (don’t judge me). But I digress, so in an effort to eat what I like, I decided to cook things I would usually get as take out. Today, I decided I wanted Chinese food. So I took to the net and found some recipes I thought wou

Pinterest Strikes Again!

Since joining Pinterest in January I have cooked, baked and crafted my way into a bad habit! LOL! I spend too much money on trying stuff, but I am loving every minute of it! I have been off for two days and I have completed two projects. But they were so much fun and filled some time where I would usually just be bored. To my friend Monico...THANKS for sending me an invite!!! After seeing all of the magnetic makeup boards inspired by this one , of course I wanted to make my own. I took a trip to Goodwill, simply to browse. I don't even know what I went it there for. But lo and behold I found a frame. And inside of that frame was already a fabulous piece of fabric! I started taking it apart before I remembered to take a picture. So, here is the picture of it deconstructed. I was a little saddened when I went into Lowe's and they told me that they don't cut sheet metal. So I ended up having to get 2 pieces that were pre-cut, but they fit perfectly inside of the frame.

A lovely Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, not because we get the day off, but because I am eternally grateful for God's love and that He sacrificed His Son for our sins. The weekend started off roughly...with a migraine. So much stress led me to be bedridden when I needed to be at work. In spite of it all, it was a great weekend. I was ambitious and decided to bake a red velvet cheesecake for a recipe that I found on Pinterest but can be found here . I won't list out the entire recipe because I want to include some other fabulousness in this post...and I don't want it to be too long. Here is the link: I was a nervous wreck as I had never made a cheesecake before. So worried in fact, that I bugged my friend Tamela telling her I had destroyed it and I wanted to just throw it in the trash. Tricky little things those cheesecakes are. I didn't think it was done because it still looked jiggly..

You Should Get Bitten ~by design~

As those of you that read my blog know, I love to eat! I must attribute my love of Red Velvet Cupcakes to one person friend Tamela. We first met in middle school and became fast friends. Both of us were nerds who also happened to be athletes, which made us kind of popular. We were cool. Yep. Plaid shirts, bad hair days and all, we were cool. I still remember the "Crochet by Numbers" rug she made that I was secretly jealous of. My mom wouldn't buy me one LOL. After middle school though, we separated and went to different high schools and lost touch. This was before the age of email, cell phones and social networking...but through all that both of us remained true to our cool nerdiness and graduated at the top of our respective classes. I want to say it was 2007 or 2008 when we reconnected through Facebook. I was having a party (as I usually am) and I invited her. I don't know if I really expected her to show up, but she did. Before she went to her