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In the kitchen again :)

I'm slowly trying to get back to my cooking self and not become totally dependent on Lean Cuisines. So last night I was back in the kitchen for another casserole-y dish. This time Corn Pudding. One of my brother-in-law's birthday was yesterday and we had a "dinner party." I will use the word dinner loosely because even on a Tuesday night they PAR-TAYED! Of course me being of the lamer variety...I went home probably as the party was cranking up (I was sooo sleepy). Anywho, for those of you that actually try some of the food I post on my blog, thank you! And for my cousin C.N. I am sure you and the hubby will enjoy this. I only make this for crowds and haven't tried a smaller version but it's so good you won't want a smaller version! Adapted from Cajun Corn Pudding on . I use frozen corn...and frozen onions and bell peppers (time savers). My mess of a counter of ingredients...I vary slightly from the recipe The wet stuf

I Made A Pie :)

A Pot-Pie that is! A recent trip to Jason's Deli inspired my Sunday night meal. I ordered the Pot Pie Soup and it was less than stellar. It was flavorless...although I did enjoy the piece of puff pastry on the top. So I decided to try my own quick and easy rendition just so I could get rid of the craving for a good one. It almost worked lol. The only thing I didn't have on hand was pie crusts. And no I was not ambitious enough to turn my mixer on so I stopped to the store and bought some. The first bowl I felt it was just OK, but it tasted much better for lunch time I will definitely marinate the meat (and thaw it out lol). A lazy meal that was very comforting...and easy... I sauteed the chicken in olive oil, removed it from the pan. Added a pat of the smart balance and cooked the veggies. then I chopped the chicken up and added it back to the pan. Added the gravy and simmered for 5 minutes. Then I placed one of the pie crusts in the bottom of the d

Some of My Best Work

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite creations. Looking through my Facebook photos made me realize that I really need to start writing down my recipes! Some of these I have no clue what I used becaue I am always ReMixing somebody else's recipe...but here goes. The Best of 2011 Shrimp and Grits...been making it for a while but this was the best EVER! Herb-Butter Crablegs (Nick's knockoff) Pimento Cheese...I think modified from Paula Deen This was for my dad's Father's Day dinner...Ox tails, garlic green beans, cabbage and cornbread The infamous chocolate chip cookies Taking you to the islands mon! Brown stew chicken and rice, black beans, cabbage and fried plantains  Guac! The bestest I've ever had (and made)! Loaded Mushroom Soup Bake sale fabulousness! Red Velvet Cupcakes. Placed cupcakes in party cups and placed the cups inside loot bags w/ twistie ties. Best way for a cupcake to travel! Corn Pudding...I

Food Review! J. Gumbo's

I tell you one thing, having to be on a liquid diet for a few weeks does wonders for the taste buds. My cravings for sweets drastically diminished--except for the occasional gummy bear or 10. But now I am really experiencing and loving food even more. Today on my lunch break, a pal and I walked to the Masquerade sale being held at Palmetto Baptist Hospital. I knew I had to stop and get lunch and with so many downtown choices I had no idea of where to go. So me being me, I decided to stop in at one of the newer restaurants, J. Gumbo's . Now I absolutely love Cajun food...from crawfish to etouffee' to po-boys to jambalaya. However, I'm always skeptical when the something says "authentic." This was a surprising wake up call to my taste buds though! From the time you walk in you are hit with such pleasant aromas and you just want to eat everything! It took me a while to decide on which dish I would try (and I was told to pay attention to the heat levels--indica

Ash Wednesday-Repent and Believe in the Gospel

Usually my girls and I end up somewhere on Fat Tuesday eating Louisiana inspired dishes and drinking beer and hurricanes. This year, however, I had a horrendous stomach bug...but even without the bug I don't think I would have partaken in any of the festivities. Instead, I made sure that I participated in the Ash Wednesday service that was held at my church and I'm glad I did. Usually the season of Lent is acknowledged by giving up something...or fasting from something. We usually fast from something (meat, sex, alcohol). While I'm not knocking anybodys hustle...we are supposed to fast from things that are essential to our lives... Fasting, like prayer should be done in private and not for show. Remembering a Bible Study lesson from last year, it is also acceptable to incorporate a significant change that we intend to continue after Lent. So as I sat there and listened and prayed, this is what came to me. I am giving up self-pity and this spirit of laziness that has c

Look At Me Now!

It’s been a little under 2 months since I had my gastric bypass Nissen Fundoplication surgery (laparoscopic). Overall the results are fantastic! I haven’t had a single flare up of acid reflux and that makes me so happy! I had my second follow up appointment today and the doctors seemed pleased as well. Aside from resolving the issue with the hiatal hernia and esophagus destroying acid reflux, I have had another MAJOR benefit. I’ve lost a whopping 18 pounds. Yep me…back in the err uh smaller numbers LOL. I lost most of it in the first two and a half weeks and for the past three weeks I have been holding steady at uh said current weight. While the surgery wasn’t designed to make you lose weight, your diet is sooo restricted that you seriously have no other choice. The first couple of weeks were pure torture! But with my slimmer thighs and midsection that is as far as my complaints will go! So the things that I have to get over are: ·          Taking smaller bites so nothing