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Big Chop...Again!

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow.

If you know me, you know that my hair has always been a form of expression for me. Sometimes it speaks a little to LOUDLY but whatever! :-) I believe that there is little that we actually have control over, but totally controllable! As long as my hair is healthy I'm good! I've been relaxed, natural, relaxed, bald, relaxed and now I'm natural again. I love the versatility of weave and wigs. I do feel as though natural hair is best FOR ME, so I don't see myself going back to the creamy crack a relaxer, but I enjoy the multitude of styles that are at my disposal...and I have disposed of a lot of them!

For the past 9 months or so I have been growing dread locs...much to the dismay of many, but they all actually learned to love my locs. It was a labor of love and I admit that I was in love with my locs. But on a rainy Saturday morning, I decided that I was ready for a change...and while the action itself was impulsive, I did actually give it some thought. With my locs, all I basically had to do was keep them maintained. I only styled them when I felt like it and was lovely. I took a journey through my hair journey album on Facebook and I missed my afro. I missed its kinky-curly pattern, I missed the shrinkage, I missed it. Period. So I woke up, called my mom (my go to hair-do remover) and it was on. I washed and conditioned my hair and let the wonders of a clear plastic cap go to work. My mom honestly tried to save every strand of hair on my head. I had to stop her and say just cut it! I hadn't had my loc maintenance done in almost a month, as the question went back and forth in my head. So here we are...once again afro'd...up under these kinky twists anyway! I decided to do a protective style until I get the growth that I want...hopefully it won't take long :)

I don't know why people's feelings get so hurt when I make decisions regarding my hair...well except for my stylist who labored over taming my thick mane...but she is a dear friend that I hope will stay around...if she hasn't already written me off for cutting my locs...she mentioned something about a blade and cutting me in her voicemail lol. I heart you Staci!! As for the rest of you...this was for me and only me. You don't know the relationship of me and my hair so please keep your "what is wrong with you" comments to yourself. Thanks :)

See the transformation below...

 Bottom line, do what works for you. I'm all for natural hair, but natural hair ain't for everybody...and each person has the right to change their mind as much as they want to...and in the words of a dear friend "if you don't like it bump you!" LOL

Shout out to all those that are on a journey to find what works best for them who are loving the ride as much as I am.

Sending Chockl8Kisses,


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