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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So, it is now a week after my 28th birthday and I’m still tired! Partly from partying but mostly from the demands of work, school, and trying to be a good friend {insert AWWW} lol.  The week has been good and I am still in party mode!

I got wonderful gifts from my loved ones and even threw a party…I made it BYOB and they DID! I was so shocked and actually just threw a few Bud Light Limes in the fridge to partake in later, but I digress…

I know it has been too long since my last post and my 3 followers probably are no longer following, but I promise to be on a regular schedule once I complete this here MBA {3 week countdown} and I can get some form of normalcy back in my life.

This wasn’t free…well I was treated for a birthday gift, but someone had to pay [Thanks Amy J]…so we went to this new restaurant in Columbia called Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse.  Anyone that knows me 1st knows how much I like to eat and 2nd knows that I LOVE Brazilian steakhouses.  So usually I give new restaurants a few months before I try them.  The opening date for this restaurant was changed so often that I didn’t think it would ever open! But it finally did.  One of my coworkers was less than pleased with his experience (flies were present and the meat not being cooked enough for him…he also said it looked like a baby was growing in the sausage lol-weird I know).  But I like to form my own opinions because my taste buds are different. So Amy was excited to go and so we went. My first impression was ok…it was clean and I didn’t see any flies…one wondered in later but I only saw it once. The salad bar is amazing! I think if you get just the salad bar it’s like $15.99 but it has some good stuff on there.  Then came the meat. If you aren’t familiar with the Churrascaria concept, click here. 

We never received the little disks that signal the servers to bring the meat…sometimes we were skipped over but once they knew we were not just there for the salad bar they came by constantly.  It wasn’t terribly bad as my coworker suggested…but I didn’t appreciate that almost all the meat was cooked to medium rare.  I’m a medium kind of girl, but I hate to see blood pooling from the meat like it still has a heartbeat.  Other than that, the meat that I managed to get some medium to well-done portions of was good.  Especially the lamb…it was seasoned perfectly.  So it will probably be a few more months before I go back, but I think if the owners/managers of Cowboy ask their customers how they like their meat and cook it to more than medium rare, they will have great success in Columbia.  So Cowboy, I will see you all in a few months.

So ok I wanted to share all the fab FREE birthday food that I ate.  I think my birthday is a big deal and boy did I EAT {gained 5 pounds that proves it}.  Any who, there are tons of stores and restaurants that offer free birthday goodies so I want to share them…maybe you know a few I can add to my rotation for next year. I have been eating free meals for 3 weeksJ.  Some of the deals you have to use on your actual birthday, but a lot of them you don’t.  I hope that someone can find some joy in free stuff as I have!
Ruby Tuesday – Free Burger and Fries
Cupcake – Free Cupcake
McAlisters - $5 off
California Dreaming – Free Entrée (I got a NY Strip YUMM-O)
IHOP – Free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity – I’m not big on pancakes, but it was free J
Zoe’s – Buy one get one free entrée
Fuddruckers – Free 1/3 lb. Burger
Waffle House – Free Waffle
Benihana - $30 Certificate
Moe’s Southwest Grill – Free Entrée
Baskin Robins – Free Scoop or Swirl
The Big Ugly - $10 for $25 worth of food
Jason’s Deli - $5 off (and always free ice cream)
Auntie Ann’s Pretzels – Buy One Get One Pretzel Item
Marble Slab – Free Cone
Arby’s – Free Shake w/ purchase
Maggiano’s Little Italy - $10 off
Joe’s Crab Shack – Free Appetizer
Buffalo Wild Wings – Free Dessert
Bruegger’s – Free Cookie
Jersey Mike’s Subs – Free Sub and Fountain Drink
Firehouse Subs – Free Small Sub on Your Birthday
Texas Roadhouse – Free Appetizer or Sidekick of Ribs
Applebee’s – Free Dessert
AMC Movies – Free Large Drink
Dunkin Donuts – Free Drink
Captain D’s – Free Dinner
Qdoba – Buy One Get One Meal
Carrabba’s - $10 off Two Entrées
Sonic Drive-In – Free Treat
DSW Shoes - $5 Off
World Market - $10 off
Victoria’s Secret $10 off
Old Navy - $10 off $50


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