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Natural Wonders

Hello to all my readers!  This past  weekend was the World's Natural Hair Show in Atlanta.  I was unable to make it last year so I was overly excited about going this year.  So me and the girls hit the road.  As I am a lover of most things Atlanta, this trip did not disappoint.  We did some clubbing and some grubbing.  Friday night club scene was at Cream Ultra Lounge .  Aside from the bartender trying to give herself a 15 dollar tip...I enjoyed the night.  Then it was off to some late night grub at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill  (love those wings and that magic stuffed potato)! So then came Saturday.  We hit up the flea market, visited some friends and then headed to the Georgia International Convention Center.  It was so jam packed that a police was blocking entrance into the parking biggie.  We just parked across the street and walked.  Reliving this makes me want to cry...once we got into the convention center we were informed that the event was OVER CAPACITY and they were