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Talitha Koum

A friend of mine invited me to visit his church a couple weeks ago and I did.  The service started with some of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.  It was my first time there and I must say that I will definitely visit again.  It was their Young Adult Ministry's (YAMs as they are affectionately called) Sunday to coordinate the service.  For the first part of the service I was moved by the music and scriptures and had a very good vibe.  Then it was time to hear the Word.  They invited a guest speaker for the morning and we were notified that he was running a little late.  So they stalled until he got there.  At one point I just wanted to ask the pastor why she just didnt' deliver the Word.  We were all very patient and were graced with more angelic singing while we waited.

Once the speaker arrived, I knew he would be worth the wait.  I had heard of him before, but had never taken the opportunity to attend any of his services.

The speaker was Reverend Willie Thompson

The title of the message was "Wake Up Little Girl."  The referenced scripture was Mark 5:41.  As people gathered around a 12 year old girl and said that she was dead, Jesus said that she was only sleeping commanded the girl to get up by saying "Talitha koum," which translates to "little girl, I say to you, get up."

This was a powerful message not only for girls, or women, but for everyone.  He spoke on how often we lie around in a state of deadness (not literally) and wait helplessly for someone to do what we should do for ourselves.  He told us that instead of just always waiting for God to do something for us, we need to stand up and with His guidance, do something for ourselves.  Too often we depend on others when we need to only consult God and then do what we need to do to get it done.

We give people too much power over OUR lives when the same people don't even have power over their own lives.  When Jesus has something to do in your life, not even what THEY say can stop Him from coming in your direction!  When he gave this point I was next to tears as I confess being guilty of giving others too much power.

Another great point he made was that if you are not careful, people will talk you out of your life.  Stop living by what people say and start living by what God says.

These are just a few of the points that he hit on, but all in all they have opened my eyes and every day I strive to become more alert and more alive in the way God would have me to be.  I hope that you have found this inspirational and can take something from it as I have.  This little girl is trying to WAKE UP!!

In His Presence Ministries, Inc. is holding a conference this weekend, March 4-5 in Charlotte, NC.  More information about the conference and Reverend Willie J. Thompson can be found on their website at:

Once I left, I felt refreshed, renewed, and revived.  I didn't mind at all about his tardiness.  May God's blessings continue to pour on you all.


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