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Your hero is YOU!

Who’s your hero? I had an appointment this week and all of my emotions must have been sitting on my forehead (I had on a mask). The doctor said to me, “You know, in the human experience, we have a habit of labeling things either good or bad. The best thing we can learn is that an experience is just that, an experience. Once you stop looking at things from the perspective of being good or bad, you’ll have a much happier life.” Then he called me fat and told me to get my life together! Just kidding! This man had no idea what I was going through, but clearly something put it on his heart to say this to me. He has been on my healthcare team for about 5 years. Never had we had a moment like this. He gave me a message that I didn’t even know – or want to acknowledge – I needed. I was able to receive it with the care and concern that he presented it with. His words stuck with me. My daughter has a habit of getting in the car and asking to choose one song for us to listen to before I take
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See Some Mexico!

Friends! I have gone outside and I have to admit that outside was glorious! My sister and I ventured to Mexico a few weeks  months ago (I'm having a few issues with time management). We both needed a reset...and some rest.  We visited  Palmaia, the House of Aia  in Playa del Carmen. It was fabulous! The pictures really do not do it justice! The staff was amazing, the food was so delicious, and the views were out of this world! This is a plant based resort, with options to add animal proteins. I am not plant based and the menu options surpassed many other resorts I have visited. I did NOT feel like I was missing anything! The resort is nestled between an undisturbed rain forest and the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. There were many daily activities and rituals that you could participate in that were included in your stay as well as a menu of options that could be added on. We took part in a few of the rituals, but mostly enjoyed being seaside. I'm pretty sure my heart is sti

One Year Post Hysterectomy!

It has been one year since I had a hysterectomy. While I wish I could say that it was a breeze, that would not be a complete truth. It was hard, not all physically, but still. It was a hard decision to make. It was a turbulent recovery. I’m still recovering. What have I learned in the year? ·          Most men have NO clue what happens inside of a woman’s body when it comes to reproducing. It has been hilarious. Discussing why I no longer have a menstrual cycle and why I can no longer carry babies should earn me a certification in Human Biology. ·          More women than you would ever know suffer from reproductive issues. Fibroids run rampant in the African American community. Still no clue as to why. ·          Birth control can mask health issues. Birth control can make some health issues worse. ·          Sometimes you have to take off that cape. People are willing to help in many situations…us “strong” people just need to learn to ASK AND ACCEPT the help. ·          I

Soy Sauce Chicken

 This chicken recipe has taken my home by storm. I have made it more times than I can count since discovering it. This chicken is so good! I don't get much into measuring, I just let the ancestors guide me. I am also always cooking a larger quantity than she cooks. It has become one of our favorites. Make sure you are using chicken with the skin on. I've made it with chicken wing sections, legs, and thighs. Thighs reign supreme! I found this recipe on TikTok from @tiffycooks  and have been obsessed with it ever since. I had to make some modifications for my brand of air fryer. Soy Sauce Chicken 2 chicken thighs with the skin on 2 1/2 tablespoons of soy sauce 2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce (I found mine locally at an Asian market) Dash of white pepper 1/2 tablespoon of Chinese Five Spice Seasoning 2 garlic cloves - chopped Combine all ingredients and mix well. Let sit for 30  minutes. Cook in air fryer on 380 for 20 minutes. I cook mine at 380 for 25 minutes. This HITS! I usual

A Creative Shift

I have to be honest with you all. I have fallen in love. More of obsession. With TikTok! I have a serious problem. Little moments of down time quickly turn into an hour of laughing at videos and finding the next "FoodTok" thing I'm going to attempt.  With this, I have also fallen in love with creating videos on TikTok! My followers are few, but I feel like I have found my lane! I seriously had one video to get 18k views. The rest of them range from 30-300. LOL I'm not giving up though! I've become very relaxed with sharing recipes on the blog, but I am going to try my hardest to do better about that! I do share often on Instagram and Facebook, but I need to show my oldest baby some love too! Does it make sense for me to write out a recipe if I link the video? ARGH!  I'm really having some issues with how to channel my creative side. I can't do all the things. But I don't want to stop doing one thing because the other things can quickly become obsolete.

I Almost Forgot About You

It has been over 7 months since I had my hysterectomy. I'll be honest, it is a part of my womanhood that I am not sad to have gone. No, I can't have any more babies the traditional way, but I'm finally getting to a place that I am OK with that.  The road hasn't been easy emotionally for me. But physically I feel AMAZING! I sometimes feel my ovaries working, but there is no pain. I still have slight mood swings and cravings around the time I would normally have a cycle, but it's not every month. Did I mention I'm no longer in pain? I can't describe how amazing it feels!  I definitely DO NOT miss having a monthly cycle! AT. ALL! I could end the post here. I was recently having a conversation with a friend and it made me think back to all of the issues I've had over my life. I didn't connect all of the dots until AFTER I had the hysterectomy. 1. I have ALWAYS had issues with birth control. Pills, depo, Mirena, Nexplanon, hell I was using the NuvaRing wh

Lessons from 2020

Sadly, 2021 is off to a turbulent start that is showing signs that it might be the ghetto. My family moved out of the hood a long time ago and I have no desire to go back. I REFUSE to let 2021 be a shit show. REFUSE! 2021, we need you to sit down and act like you got a little bit of sense! We witnessed the biggest current day display of white privilege with the attack on the Capitol. Y'all. What in the actual f...? That's all I'm going to say on that. 2020 taught me a couple of things. Control is an illusion. The only thing we can control is ourselves. Everything else is THEM PEOPLE'S BUSINESS.  You being a good person does NOT mean people will be good to you. You are NOT required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm! Be a good person though, it will come back to you tenfold. Know your worth, then add tax! Set healthy boundaries. Many of the situations we find ourselves in happen because we have not set healthy boundaries. Does that person DESERVE to have t